Reginald Edwards (Eddie), 1944 – 1951 (update)

I am most anxious to locate Albert David White, Stanley Baldwin House, 1944-1951. He used the name David and usually went by A. David White.

He used to live in Wednesbury but his home was pulled down to make way for a motorway years ago. I last saw him in December 1960. At that time he was working as an accountant for Tildesley & Tonks, Accountants, Wolverhampton. I emailed them about 6 months ago. They didn’t reply. David was a very keen West Bromwich Albion fan. I have tried to locate him through their supporters clubs without success.

If there is anything you can do to help me find David I would appreciate it.

Meanwhile I am enjoying corresponding with John Evans (Sebright 1941-1949) in Canada, M.A.Hughes (Sebright 1944-1951) in Leeds and Michael Clunas in Blackburn.

‘Eddie’ would like to hear from, Ted Cotterel, John Grant, or any OW from his era. Contact him at:

I lived and worked for 33 years in Connecticut and am now retired to Arkansas.

Cheers !

Reg Edwards

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