Sebright House Books

Q: Michael Clunas recalls meeting an OW from Sebright house, over 20 years ago, who had attended school 1945-1951 and who had managed to save the House Books when Sebright closed. The House Books are an account of house life, term by term and were kept by the prefects. Does anyone know of their whereabouts? It would be nice to be able to endeavour to share them on the web with other OWs. RSVP to or the secretary.

A: Mike Fellows has been the safe custodian of the Sebright House Books. There are two large ledgers and one smaller one; the first one dates from 1931 when Sebright House became Stanley Baldwin house, many of the entries during the war years are by Reg Hall, who became the Bursar. Mike is going to deposit in the Headmaster’s library at Heathfield school for OWs to view. The Association will endeavour to scan certain elements to whetyour appetite on the website; thank you Mike for rescuing them and keeping them for posterity for all those years!

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