Wolverley Camp

I have received an e-mail from Mike Webster who maintains a website about the Wolverley Camp which was built on parkland in the old Lea Castle Estate almost opposite Heathfeld.
Details can be seen at
Mike is very keen to obtain any more information about the camp.
As Mike writes
“My main interest is Wolverley Camp, especially the American hospital. It would be interesting to find someone who remembers any of the Americans visiting Sebright. I am still in contact with a handful of doctors and nurses who served there so anything is possible.

My second interest is in writing short articles for the Parish Magazine about the former cosmopolitan Wolverley. This was all started by a former Wolverley Primary school teacher who wrote about the tunnels at Drakelow. Formerly the underground aero engine factory during the Second World War. I simply want to tell something of those people who have visited or settled in our village since those days. William Sebright is part of our fascinating village history. I simply want to tell today’s villagers about those of you who came to learn in our village. Sadly you are all very much forgotten these days. I’m sure many of you are now scattered around the world”

If you have any news, please contact Mike via this fascinating website

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